Polar Vortex

It’s a cold day for a lunchdoodle.

Eat Your Brains Out

Been watching a lot of Walking Dead lately. Gorging myself on it really. I’m on Season 3 right now, and while I’d been warned that it’s the worst season, I have to say it’s becoming my favorite. The characters are… Continue Reading →

Old Man Pacman

Tomorrow is October!! Holy shit. Part of me is beyond excited and part of me is freaking out because wasn’t it just the beginning of August? Wasn’t I fresh off my sabbatical and full of ideas and projects and fun… Continue Reading →

Totally Awesome Tuesday

Today. Is awesome. • I am officially down 20lb. since December! Down 7 this month as I had put on a couple extra on my sabbatical. And while that’s not a whole lot considering it’s been, what, 9 months? Those… Continue Reading →

Summer Peaches

My CSA peaches this year have been some of the sweetest, juiciest, most delicious I’ve ever had. Every week I’m so delighted to see them in my box, but every one I eat makes me a little bit sad knowing… Continue Reading →

Can’t Say Something Nice

I’m ok with the saying that you can’t choose your family. I get my family. I don’t always get along with them, but I know them and know how to maneuver the rocky parts and hold on the the best… Continue Reading →

Popsicle Drama

Poor Pete. He never stood a chance.

Don’t Eat the Eyes!

Lately most of my lunchdoodles have been little comic thumbnails. I haven’t posted them because I feel like my lunchdoodles should be more finished, or at least involve ink. Which is silly. Somehow along the way I raised my lunchdoodle… Continue Reading →

Feeding Trolls for a Friend

Today’s lunchdoodle is a special request for a friend. It’s a doodle of his friend feeding trolls. I feel there is some political agenda/message/allusion here, and hopefully I haven’t offended myself. Either way, drawing trolls is pretty much always a… Continue Reading →

Beer:30 Doodle. Cause it’s Friday.

It’s my first Friday back in the office after my first week back at work. My Friday is winding down with a happy client, some finished work, Beer:30 and soon some Monopoly Deal. It’s good to be back.

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