Hold on to yer butts

I’m taking myself out tonight to see Jurassic Park.. in 3D.. on IMAX. You have no idea my level of excitement for this. It’s palpable. I will have popcorn for dinner. I will enjoy 3D glasses. And jump out of… Continue Reading →

Easter Egg Smash

Inviting dinosaurs to an Easter egg hunt seemed like a good idea at the time…

Kitty and Rex

If you know me, you know I love cats and dinosaurs. But really, who doesn’t love the two? They’re inseparable in my book. And since I LOVE them both so much, why not make today’s VDay-themed lunchdoodle a little homage… Continue Reading →

Illustration Friday :: Whiskers

The Internet Gods were not in my favor last night and wouldn’t cooperate long enough to let me upload this illustration in time for this past week’s Illustration Friday post. Sad. I really like this one too. Rex has a… Continue Reading →

Rex is My Friend

[three_fourth]I love dinosaurs. My sister and I may have watched Jurassic Park on repeat more times than I’m willing to admit when we were young. Every line and scene, memorized. I especially love ol’ T-Rex though. He’s always a little… Continue Reading →

Illustration Friday :: Heights

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is Heights. I’m a bit disappointed in the coloring on this. I initially wanted to watercolor it, but my new pen, as I quickly found out, is not waterproof. I went with colored pencils and… Continue Reading →

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