Hold on to yer butts

I’m taking myself out tonight to see Jurassic Park.. in 3D.. on IMAX. You have no idea my level of excitement for this. It’s palpable. I will have popcorn for dinner. I will enjoy 3D glasses. And jump out of… Continue Reading →


I’ve been cooking a lot lately. Today’s lunchdoodle represents what I hope to make tonight: homemade pizza with Guinness caramelized onions, bacon, arugula, goat cheese, and possibly roasted cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. Might be overkill, might be delicious. I’m also… Continue Reading →

Space Barre

I’m working on email designs for a barre fitness class client today. Another co-worker randomly sent me photo of an astronaut. Boom. Lunchdoodle theme for today. I didn’t have time to color it (I will though). As you can tell… Continue Reading →

Potato to Tomato

Started the East Nasty Potato to Tomato 5k training program last week. It goes through til August, culminating with the annual Tomato Festival 5k. It’s been pretty fun so far. Thought it would be even more fun to draw it… Continue Reading →

A Hot Shower

Hot showers make everything a little better.

Mouth Poop

A quick comic based on an instagram conversation.

Pugs and Pugs and Pugs and

[three_fourth]My friend, Lauren, is obsessed with pugs. If she were to die, she’d choose suffocation-by-pug as her ideal way to go. This started as a random doodle, but is now a gift for a dear friend. I can almost hear… Continue Reading →



[three_fourth]I grew up with dogs. Big dogs. But the one year, my sister had the chance to pick out the next family dog and she chose Peaches. A runty, stubborn, turd of a beagle mix. That ol’ dog lived about… Continue Reading →

Illustration Friday :: Heights

This week’s Illustration Friday topic is Heights. I’m a bit disappointed in the coloring on this. I initially wanted to watercolor it, but my new pen, as I quickly found out, is not waterproof. I went with colored pencils and… Continue Reading →

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