Dog as King

In celebration of Easter and in antsy anticipation of the extra guilt I’ll be feeling for leaving the church this past year, I felt it would be nice to do some spiritual research. While I’ve officially renounced my beliefs in… Continue Reading →

Best Buddies

Went to the zoo this past weekend for both general and lunchdoodle inspiration. And just for some general sunshine-filled-zoo-going funtimes. Cause who doesn’t like the zoo?? Of course, EVERY animal I encountered was my favorite. Especially any and all large… Continue Reading →

Kitty and Rex

If you know me, you know I love cats and dinosaurs. But really, who doesn’t love the two? They’re inseparable in my book. And since I LOVE them both so much, why not make today’s VDay-themed lunchdoodle a little homage… Continue Reading →

What? What.

Walruses are goofy, cheerful and make funny sounds. Cats are only cheerful when they want to be, and not often. And are way too dignified to be goofy. Plus, the only funny sounds they make usually involve thrown-up kibble and… Continue Reading →

Illustration Friday :: Whiskers

The Internet Gods were not in my favor last night and wouldn’t cooperate long enough to let me upload this illustration in time for this past week’s Illustration Friday post. Sad. I really like this one too. Rex has a… Continue Reading →


Princess Woes

A cartoon based on my parents’ cat dramas. Essentially, a new kitten was introduced into the already large group of 6. The previous new cat, Princess (aptly named), has been “depressed” over the situation. It’s probably funnier if you know… Continue Reading →

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