Buddha Brain

I’ve been reading this book, The Buddha Walks into a Bar, and just love it. This is the second Buddism book I’m working through and what I love the most is every time I have something I’m thinking too much… Continue Reading →

Space Barre

I’m working on email designs for a barre fitness class client today. Another co-worker randomly sent me photo of an astronaut. Boom. Lunchdoodle theme for today. I didn’t have time to color it (I will though). As you can tell… Continue Reading →

Hamster Hampster

I’ll be honest, wasn’t really feeling the doodling today. Drew a hamster on a hamster wheel. Didn’t turn out how I wanted. I wanted him running, but it kind of looks like he’s on his stomach. The background also ended… Continue Reading →

Happy Presidents Day!

I’d trade a Snack Pack for Cheetohs. Especially to ol’ Abe. Wouldn’t you? Then again, I don’t know how well Cheetohs would do with George’s wooden teeth and all. It’s a presidential lunchtime quandary.

Kitty and Rex

If you know me, you know I love cats and dinosaurs. But really, who doesn’t love the two? They’re inseparable in my book. And since I LOVE them both so much, why not make today’s VDay-themed lunchdoodle a little homage… Continue Reading →

I would lick your eyeball

In celebration of Valentine’s Day week, I’ll be posting VDay themed lunchdoodles. It’s gonna be cheesy. Deal with it. If you’re a Valentine’s hater, it’s cool, you just might want to wait til next week to check back in. Anywho,… Continue Reading →

Shy Little Oreo

Today’s lunchdoodle is animated! I haven’t been able to get Vine app to work and today it was updated. So exciting!  Also, I had Oreos. They were Double Stuf.

Dancing Cheetohs

Two Lunchdoodles today! I had a little extra space on two sheets of my lunchdoodle sketchbook. Perfect for some snack dancing. I wish I had time to paint a cheeseball dancing too. I’ll bet you’ll enjoy eating Cheetohs so much… Continue Reading →

It’s Take Your Avocado to Work Day

I’ve had a lonely avocado hanging out in my kitchen for awhile. And not being one to want to waste something so delicious, I brought the little guy into work. Can’t have him turning my other vegetables bad too! 

Nashville: Bring me your Nerds

A friend of a friend of mine recently opened a store here in Nashville called The Nerdery, which I happened to check out last night on a quest for birthday presents. I have to say I’m pretty impressed, despite the… Continue Reading →

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