Des Poissons

I’ve been a little absent on the Lunchdoodle front. My apologies. I’ve been spending my lunchtimes either going out or reading. Sorry excuses, I know. Good news is, I only have one and a half pages left of my lunchdoodle… Continue Reading →

Happy Presidents Day!

I’d trade a Snack Pack for Cheetohs. Especially to ol’ Abe. Wouldn’t you? Then again, I don’t know how well Cheetohs would do with George’s wooden teeth and all. It’s a presidential lunchtime quandary.

Bologna Sandwich

Tried uploading yesterday’s lunchdoodle from my phone as I was waiting at home for some family to arrive. Just didn’t have time for taking out my laptop, signing in, uploading, editing, etc. etc. etc. Unfortunately, my Squarespace iPhone app doesn’t… Continue Reading →

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