My name is Taylor Schena and I have CATS.

Is it possible to have too many favorite things? If so, then it seems I HAVE TOO MANY FAVORITE THINGS. Put me in the vicinity of books, large bodies of water, stand-up-comedy, puppies/kittens/babies, brush pens, sketchbooks, every Twilight Zone episode ever created... chances are good I will deem them all my favorite. I'm pretty ok with that. 

If you haven't yet gathered, I kind of love drawing. Maybe even more than cuddling my cats. Especially when I get to draw dinosaurs, sharks, anthropomorphized food, and just about any and every animal. If you love me, you'll bring me all the coffee, cats and books. All of them. Oh, and a pet dinosaur too. 


Where I am

I live with two awesome cats in Nashville, TN. It's a fun place with all the bonuses of a small town and all the perks of a big city. I moved down here from the great Northeast 6 years ago and it's the best decision I've ever made. My heart's fallen for this little city with its ridiculous amount of AMAZING independent coffee shops, Radnor Lake, beautiful libraries, and an impressive skyline. 

My 9-5

By day I work downtown as a Senior Designer for Emma, an email marketing company. I've been with the Emma crew since I moved here and STILL LOVE my job. But that doesn't mean I don't also LOVE goofy side-projects. As previously mentioned, I have too many favorites. :-)