I've never met a mountain or a coffee shop I didn't like.

My name is Taylor Schena, but my nephew just knows me as "the one with the dinosaurs." 

I'm a Graphic Designer and Illustrator living in Nashville, TN. Raised Pennsylvanian, I can go on a tangent about winter drivers and the best snack foods (TastyKakes). I've never been one for business-y sites. I love the work I do both full time and freelance. And I love my clients even more. I even spoke to a group of AIGA students about the importance of client relationships. But this space right here is my little spot on the web. It's a little bit business, a little bit personal and a lot of bit fun. I love hiking, reading, dinosaurs, and drawing. 

Tina Belcher and Henry Bemis are my spirit animals.