Rex is My Friend

[three_fourth]I love dinosaurs. My sister and I may have watched Jurassic Park on repeat more times than I'm willing to admit when we were young. Every line and scene, memorized. I especially love ol' T-Rex though. He's always a little bumbling and awkward. I also find I tend to doodle him/her/it? on the regular, so I started a little Tumblog a bit ago titled Rex is My Friend. Some of the stuff on there will overlap here and vice versa.[/three_fourth]


[three_fourth]I grew up with dogs. Big dogs. But the one year, my sister had the chance to pick out the next family dog and she chose Peaches. A runty, stubborn, turd of a beagle mix. That ol' dog lived about 14 years. Despite being hit by a car. Twice. Attacked by a bear. Twice. Consuming an entire chicken carcass, stuck in illegal hunting traps, sprayed by every skunk in the area, stuck under the porch, and knocked up by a very large collie (let's just say it didn't work out. Little beagles aren't meant to carry collie pups). Yet that dog lived for FOURTEEN YEARS. And lived every day to eat. And was thusly the fattest little beagle dog ever. My grandfather nicknamed her "The Square Dog." While she passed away ages ago, thoughts of her randomly haunted my mind today. Peaches, oh Peaches. You were a good dog, my dear.[/three_fourth].

Illustration Friday :: Heights

This week's Illustration Friday topic is Heights. I'm a bit disappointed in the coloring on this. I initially wanted to watercolor it, but my new pen, as I quickly found out, is not waterproof. I went with colored pencils and then messed around in Photoshop because it just looked really pretty gross. A B+W version is up over on my other, less-updated blog, Wish I had uploaded the black and white sketch original! Probably could have colored this up quite nice digitally. Oh well. Live and learn.


Princess Woes

A cartoon based on my parents' cat dramas. Essentially, a new kitten was introduced into the already large group of 6. The previous new cat, Princess (aptly named), has been "depressed" over the situation. It's probably funnier if you know all the cats personally. Or if you actually have cats.