Georgia Peach

[three_fourth]Part one of five illustrations I'm working on. I'm creating five different trees, each capturing a different personality. This project is going to be supporting a fundraising effort by a local nonprofit where donors can purchase and donate trees. They'll be able to pick which "personality" of tree they'd like to donate. First one down and still have four more to go. Have to say though, this is one of the more fun projects I've gotten to work on in awhile. Truly realizing how much I relied on my Wacom tablet when coloring digitally. Coloring via mouse blows, but I'm still liking how this is coming along. Will be posting more along the way![/three_fourth]

Trees for a Nonprofit

[three_fourth]Working on some sketches for a new side project. A local nonprofit is launching an urban garden program. To raise funds, and get the planting under-way, they're going to be doing a tree sale. They want to have an illustration for each category of tree representing a different fruit and personality. I'm pretty excited for this one. It's so much fun, for a good cause, and for a good friend. Those just tend to be the best projects all around. Will continue to post as the project moves forward![/three_fourth]


[three_fourth]Presenting the Delfonics Roll Pen Case. It's so pretty. I want it. Look how nice and compact it is and how soft it looks and how it can hold 13 pens and pencils!! It can also hold an eraser and pencil sharpener. ::swoon::[/three_fourth]